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Dr. Olsen works closely with advanced imaging facilities in the treasure valley to help obtain an accurate diagnosis of your condition. Tests performed are occassionally necessary, however many patient's can avoid over-used, expensive and unecessary tests as the result of a thorough evaluation in the office.
A trial of therapy is often successful and usually can be performed before expensive tests. However, if therapies fail to resolve your symptoms or there is strong evidence on examination to support another clinic condition, diagnostic tests will be considered. Here is a list of some of the tests Dr. Olsen may request.


A radiograph is an image of the bones, including the spaces between them. We can see bony changes that suggest arthritis and sometimes distinguish fractures, tumors and sinus conditions.

A CT scan is a scanning radiograph that can be taken to give a 3D view of the bones and surrounding tissues.

An MRI is advanced imaging that shows muscles, joints, ligaments, nervous system tissue and spinal discs. An MRI is the most commonly used test to evaluation the brain with migraine headaches.


Laboratory tests can be used to examine blood cell levels and the chemistry of the blood. Some tests are for general screening and others are more specific to conditions you may have.
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