I'm so grateful for Dr. Olsen. I'm feeling so much better. I was struggling walking, sitting and standing. I am now improved in all areas. I love the friendly atmosphere. Thank you Dr. Olsen for everything.

S. W.

Before I started treatment with Dr. Olsen, I was to the point of hopelessness. I was in tremendous pain all the time, but was leery of having anything done. I had heard of many horror stories of the pain  getting worse. However, my experience has been wonderful! After just 2 weeks of treatment, my  headaches are gone and my jaw hurts just occasionally. I can eat with almost no pain. I'm extremely  happy with the progress!

Thank you Dr. Olsen!

C. H.

I have been very pleased with the immediate relief I've received with my plantar fasciitis. I feel that with each treatment the problem improves. I noticed after cross-country skiing my heel stiffened up but with one application of ice, it was much better which prior to Dr. Olsen's treatments the pain would have lasted for several days.

R. S.

I had very severe migraine headaches. I have had them since I was 14. They were very limiting. In the 3 weeks since I have been seeing Dr. Olsen my headaches have improved dramatically. They are not gone completely but for the first time I can see light at the end of the tunnel-and it's not causing a migraine!

B. D.

The treatments that were administered for my headaches did such a good job. There was some pain in the beginning but as the muscles relaxed the pain was less severe each treatment. I haven't had a headache in at least two weeks and even then it was just a slight one that went away with a little ice pack.

H. C.

After only 2 weeks of treatment I began to notice improvement. My headaches were significantly less and my TMJ problems were beginning to improve.

D. B.


When I first came to see Dr. Olsen, I was experiencing 1-3 migraines per week. The migraines were  fairly severe with them occasionally lasting up to 2-3 days each. Now I have gone 1 1/2 weeks  migraine free. I feel great and am very pleased with the treatment I have received. I greatly recommend  Dr. Olsen.

C. T.

I'm glad that I started coming here. Dr. Olsen made me feel like I have hope again. My husband and I were very pleased with the knowledge of the doctor and his experience.

J. S.

I have had chronic migraine headaches for exactly one year now. I've tried every treatment from diet to  physical therapy to acupuncture. I've tried dozens of prescription and non-prescription drugs with  minimal effect. I've seen doctors, dentists and naturopaths and my headaches have persisted.  Nothing, including previous chiropractors has been able to reduce my migraines to a point where I've  been able to function normally in my life, and with a wife and children it's been torturous.

When I found Olsen Chiropractic Clinic on the web and decided to give him a try I wasn't hopeful, but  after one week I felt results. After two weeks I was very hopeful and know I was on the right track.  Now, after three weeks my migraines are substantially reduced and I have my life back. I will definitely  continue with Olsen Chiropractic Clinic.

A. J.

Dr. Olsen was always very kind and supportive! Even when I was doubtful of ever getting better he  always had a positive attitude and now I am feeling better! Yay!

M. G.

I suffered off and on for two or three years with plantar fasciitis and very stiff, sore calf muscles. Within  a week I had much less pain and wasn't so stiff. I'm hoping that with continued exercises and  treatment I will soon be pain-free. I wish more chiropractors offered this treatment because I know  there are a lot more people out there who suffer long-term from this condition.

D. R. 

Dr. Olsen did an outstanding job. He was very professional and insightful in helping me feel better. I  nver felt rushed or felt like it was a waste of time. I am glad I was able to come to his office and work  with him. I feel 100% better.

G. T.


I would highly recommend Dr. Olsen. Not only is he very knowledgeable, he takes his time with his  patients to make sure they understand what is happening and what the treatment effects are. His  treatment of my TMJ was very effective. My pain levels were reduced in a couple of sessions and  continue to decrease with subsequent treatments.

Thanks Dr. Olsen!

D. B. 

Only one week and a half of treatment and I feel a lot better. I also feel less stress. I will let people  know about Dr. Olsen. I will keep seeing Dr. Olsen in the future.

Thank you Dr. Olsen.

M. W.

I have been having headaches for the last year and a half and have been to several doctors for long  periods of time. No one has made more of an improvement on my neck and headaches than you did!  Thank you so much Dr. Olsen!

D. S. 

I brought my baby to Dr. Olsen with colic pain. My baby is 9 weeks and has had a lot of gas pain that  would not pass. After just the second visit we could notice a big difference and by the third visit she  was all better. We came back for the 4th visit just to make sure she was doing well and she is still  100%. She is a totally different baby with no trapped gas and no screaming for hours. We are really  glad we came in.

L. S. 

I have had a great experience with Dr. Olsen. Before coming in I had bad hip and lower back pain. I  also had one hand that was always numb. Dr. Olsen was great to listen to all my symptoms and  recommend the treatments that were best for my symptoms. After just two treatments I had feeling in  my hand again. I am now feeling great and pain free.

E. W. 

I came to Dr. Olsen after having recently re-located to the Treasure Valley from the Pacific Northwest  when I couldn't shake a 30-day migraine. I have been to every type of doctor for my headaches and  have been prescribed numerous medications and Dr. Olsen is among the best that I have seen in  Idaho, Washington and Oregon. I really appreciate that he approaches my headaches and my overall  health and well-being naturally and effectively. With continual maintenance appointments I am able to  function migraine free and my back is feeling better as well! Thanks!



Dr. Olsen is a fantastic chiropractor. I highly recommend him. Very professional.

T. B.

For years I have suffered with migraine headaches. I tried every approach to get rid of them. I tried pain  clinics, steroid injections, addictive pain killers, you name it, I tried it. Hospitals scanned my brain with  all modern technology and found nothing that would cause the headaches that left me incapacitated.  Doctors looked down their noses at me and called me a drug seeker, hospitals refused to treat me  with narcotics, and steroids didn’t help. I was left in the dark.

Finally my husband went on-line and looked under chiropractors and found one just down the road  from our house. He wasn’t just any chiropractor, but one that specialized in migraine headaches. We  were skeptical, but decided to give it a try. Dr. Olsen sat me down and showed me why my head hurt.  I was convinced right away that he knew exactly the pain I was feeling. He showed me charts that  explained why the pain was the way it was and how he could fix it. Within three short visits, my  constant intense headache pain was gone. I was able to treat my headaches with OTC medicine with  absolute success. I now have days in a row with absolutely no pain at all.

My life has changed completely. My husband says I’m acting like a woman ten years younger. I feel  ten years younger. It feels like a miracle has happened. Dr. Olsen says that I’m the one that’s done  the work, but he’s the one that has created the ability for me to do the work. Without him I wouldn’t be  pain free.

S. O.

I feel so much better. Usually by the time I get dinner fixed I am in so much pain I can hardly stand. I  actually fixed dinner and realized I wasn’t hurting like I normally hurt. I usually have to stop and rest  and do stretches to relieve the pain and I didn’t have to do that the other day. It was so nice not to be  hurting.

C. R.

I came to see Dr. Olsen after much chiropractic from doctors and with little results. I have had  headaches since age 13 and progressively they have turned to migraines. Migraine medication was  only effective for a short time until not effective at all. I have not had a migraine since I’ve seen Dr.  Olsen. My headaches have tremendously reduced. I have more focus and energy without being in pain  so frequently and medicated. Also, chronic neck pain at the base of the skull and back pain have  pretty much ceased.

Thanks Dr. Olsen.

R. S.

I’ve been suffering from migraines for 20+ years. I’m on several preventative and abortive medications. I  have tried everything and had everything done from MRI’s to a spinal tap. I’ve tried acupuncture,  massage, physical therapy and medication. I found out about Dr. Olsen, drove from Salt Lake to Idaho,  and within the 1st couple visits my migraines were cut in half. By the 3rd week of seeing him I’m down  to only 1 to 2 days of migraines a week.

H. S.

On my first visit to Doctor Olsen I was experiencing sharp neck pain and tension throughout my upper  back. After two weeks of consistent care my pain is almost completely gone. I’m very pleased with the  care and attention I have received from Dr. Olsen and extremely happy with the improvement in my  overall health.

R. H.


I had been suffering from acute neck pain and after only a couple visits my neck felt as good as new.  The treatments I received in my jaw area also succeeded in eliminating headaches I had been  routinely having for years.

J. M.

I had fairly significant pain in my right heel and arch due to plantar fasciitis. The treatment of the injury  by Dr. Olsen using a multi-faceted approach, with ultrasound, many exercises, ice and night splints  has made such a difference in a short amount of time. I certainly feel like I'm able to follow through to  total recovery in a much more knowledgeable way after the direction from Dr. Olsen.

D. M.

I've suffered with plantar fasciitis for years. Normally stretching, using ice on the affected area, and rest  would manage the pain. However, that was not working this time; the pain was affecting my everyday  activities. I was miserable! I came to Dr. Olsen hoping he could offer some new insight.

Almost immediately after treatment, i felt better. I know how to stretch and exercise the foot to  alleviate the pain and keep the condition from returning. I'm able to take charge of the condition, rather  than allowing it to control me!

B. B.

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